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Shaving Cream Paintings

Easy, beautiful and fun

Not all art projects need a lot of expensive supplies. Using a few household items, you can create a beautiful piece of art with children of almost any age. It’s quick, inexpensive and the finished product looks great!

Here’s how you do it:

Materials Needed

  • Foam shaving cream
  • Food coloring
  • A drinking cup filled with water
  • Several sheets of thick white paper
  • Tin foil or baking tray
  • Muffin tin or small bowls
  • Medicine dropper (or spoon)
  • Spatula
  • Paint brush


  1. Put several drops of food coloring in the hollows of the muffin tin or in small bowls — just one color in each hollow or bowl.
  2. Spray shaving cream onto the tin foil or tray and spread it out with the spatula. The shaving cream should be about ½-inch thick and cover a space larger than your white paper.
  3. Use a medicine dropper or a spoon to deposit drops of food coloring on to the shaving cream. Be sure to dip the dropper into the cup of water between colors.
  4. Using a paintbrush, twirl the drops of color and shaving cream into colorful patterns and swirls.
  5. Place the white paper straight down on the now- colorful shaving cream. Press lightly to make sure every part of the paper is exposed to the shaving cream.
  6. Hold there for a few seconds and then carefully lift the paper up. Using the flat end of the spatula, scrape shaving cream off of the paper.
  7. What remains is a colorful, patterned work of art. Let dry.

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• If you have food coloring gel, you’ll want to water it down a little before using the medicine dropper.

• Have a trash receptacle accessible when it’s time to scrape off the shaving cream.

• Don’t overdo it on the swirls. You want to create patterns, not blend all the colors.



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