Preschool Guide - Central Kalamazoo

Featured Preschools

Catholic Schools of Greater Kalamazoo
1000 W. Kilgore, Kalamazoo, (269) 381-2646
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St. Monica Catholic School and St. Augustine Cathedral School offer fully licensed preschool programs for three- and four-year-olds. Our preschool curriculum follows Michigan’s standards for early childhood education within nurturing Catholic elementary schools.

Friends of Jesus Preschooll
2122 Bronson Blvd., Kalamazoo, (269) 382-2360
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Friends of Jesus Preschool is a Christian preschool devoted to helping all children develop a love of learning. We encourage social interaction skills along with play-based academics. Family participation is enthusiastically encouraged.

Gilden Woods Early Care & Preschool
4620 Arboretum Parkway, Kalamazoo, (269) 381-0118
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Our K-Prep Program features engaging hands-on learning so your child can grow, play and learn at their own pace. On-site weekly music, fitness, Spanish and technology classes are included. Prepare for Kkindergarten. Tour today!

Greta Berman Arbetter Kazoo School
1401 Cherry St., Kalamazoo
(269) 345-3239
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Kazoo’s Prekindergarten reflects the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which understands that children are competent learners! Children are encouraged to follow their interests. Teachers come alongside the students, bringing new experiences into the classroom to inspire learning.

The Montessori School — Kalamazoo
750 Howard St., Kalamazoo
(269) 349-3248
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For 40 years, we’ve served as a nonprofit, private education institution for children ages 3–12. Our highly trained, credentialed teachers nurture and cultivate each child’s curiosity while providing a strong foundation for academic success.

WMU Children’s Place Learning Center
2210 Wilbur Ave., Kalamazoo, (269) 387-2277
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Children’s Place is an NAEYC-accredited center with a 4-star quality rating. Offering full and part-time schedules, we feature programs for toddlers, preschool, prekindergarten and school-age children. Additional back-up care is available.

Other preschools

A Step Above Learning Center
207 Hutchinson St., Kalamazoo
(269) 388-4689

Arcadia Elementary PEEP, Kalamazoo Public Schools
932 Boswell Lane, Kalamazoo
(269) 337-0095

Bread and Roses Child Care Center
915 Sunnock Ave., Kalamazoo
(269) 383-9956

Calico Corners Preschool
2323 Stadium Dr., Kalamazoo
(269) 345-6901

Child Development Center — Cork
110 W. Cork St., Kalamazoo
(269) 349-2445

Child Development Center — Evergreen Academy
2121 Hudson Ave., Kalamazoo
(269) 488-0016

First Care
212 S. Park St., Kalamazoo
(269) 381-6340

Gagie School
615 Fairview St., Kalamazoo
(269) 344-6541

KRESA West Campus Head Start
4606 Croyden Ave., Kalamazoo
(269) 250-9845

Learning Village - Fairfax
202 Fairfax Ave., Kalamazoo,
(269) 341-6096

Learning Village — Lake St.
215 Lake St., Kalamazoo
(269) 341-6096

Milwood Head Start
3400 Lovers Lane, Kalamazoo
(269) 250-9845

Mrs. Wolfe’s Preschool
229 Inkster Ave., Kalamazoo,
(269) 491-5026

Nature’s Way Preschool
4442 Oakland Dr., Kalamazoo
(269) 343-7342

Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary PEEP, Kalamazoo Public Schools
2321 S. Park St., Kalamazoo,
(269) 337-0095
Small World Christian Preschool
2400 Winchell Ave., Kalamazoo
(269) 344-4920

The Discovery Center
4102 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo
(269) 372-0007

West Main KinderCare
3939 W. Main St., Kalamazoo
(269) 385-0115

Winchell Elementary PEEP, Kalamazoo Public Schools
2316 Winchell Ave., Kalamazoo
(269) 337-0095

The YMCA Early Learning Program
1001 W. Maple St., Kalamazoo
(269) 345-9622

YWCA Children’s Center
353 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo
(269) 342-1519

Information updated November 2016

This guide is researched and compiled by FYI Family Magazine staff. Enhanced listing information provided by those entities. Every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, FYI Family Magazine assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Information contained here is subject to change without notice.



Preschool Primer

As you begin your preschool search, here are some terms to know:

Head Start is a federally funded pre-kindergarten program for 3- and 4-year-olds that offers free tuition for families at or below the federally determined poverty level or who are receiving public assistance. Classrooms are located in public schools and at community sites, and bus transportation is often available.

Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a state-funded pre-kindergarten program for 4-year-olds that offers free tuition for low-income families with annual incomes up to 250% of the federal poverty level (approximately $60,000 for a family of four). Classrooms are located in public schools and private childcare centers.

Kalamazoo County Ready 4s is a privately funded program that offers tuition assistance to qualifying families so they can afford to enroll their 4-year-olds in high-quality pre-kindergarten programs. Tuition assistance is on a sliding scale based on family income. Participating preschools are located in childcare facilities, public and private schools and licensed home daycare programs.

Private preschools run the gamut from preschool and childcare centers to in-home daycare providers who implement a preschool curriculum for their 3- to 5-year-old charges. Some preschools provide preschool only and others combine preschool with childcare. Private preschools charge tuition, although some may be participants in the Great Start Readiness Program or Kalamazoo County Ready 4s and offer tuition assistance to qualified families.



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