Playground Pick

Lakeview Park

2 playgrounds, trails and a view, too!

5/5 stars

Reviewed by experts Paige, 4; Owen, 2; and mom Alexis

With two playgrounds, paved walking trails and 26 acres — oh, did we mention it’s also on the shores of Austin Lake? — Lakeview Park in Portage is a scenic play place to spend an afternoon or early evening.

Alexis and her husband, Joe, often pick up a pizza at a nearby eatery and have a picnic with the kids and then burn off their dinner by exploring the park’s many
amenities. The family likes to roam between the two playgrounds — the smaller one, geared for younger kids, is near the park’s Portage Road entrance, and a newer, more expansive play area is located on the lakeshore.

The smaller playground features a tube slide (which Paige says “is the best one” she’s been on), a double slide and a bridge between structures. There are also manipulatives like a tic-tac-toe game and a tube for talking, which Paige found especially fun to chat through with her brother Owen.

The lakeside playground was a little more challenging for the young ones, as some of the structures feature elements that can turn and spin but require a little more strength than 4- and 2-year-olds can muster. Mom Alexis acknowledges that the lakeside playground requires more parent interaction, as the kids needed help on the rope and net features and other structures. The raft swing, however, was a huge hit with both kids, especially Owen, who “can swing all day,” according to his mom.

With a paved walking trail between playgrounds, as well as other paved trails running through the park, the family (which also had a 6-month-old in a stroller) found it was easy to go back and forth from one playground to the other as well as to the bathrooms, which are located near the parking lot and lakeside playground.

Alexis says this park is her family’s go-to play spot, with its ample parking and features, including nature trails, ball fields and the lake, so the kids are never bored.

“What I like is it has a variety of things to do. When the kids get tired of a playground, we can go for a walk or go look at the water,” she says. “It also has the prettiest view of the lake.”



About Lakeview Park

Where: 9345 Portage Road

Hours: 8 a.m.–dusk

Best ages: 0–5 on the smaller playground, 6 & older for the lakeside playground


  • Newly surfaced basketball and tennis courts
  • 2 large pavilions with picnic tables and grills
  • 2 fishing piers
  • Baseball/softball field with concession stand (open during games)
  • Water fountains



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