Find FYI

You can pick up a free copy of FYI Magazine at these great community locations:


Advocacy for Kids (ASK), 4445 W Michigan Ave.

Arcadia OT, 605 Howard St.

Baymont Inn, 3800 E Cork St.

Baymont Inn, 2003 S. 11th St.

Berkshire Hathaway, 6312 Stadium Dr.

Best Western, 2575 S. 11th St.

Bethany Christian Services, 6687 Seeco Dr.

Big Apple Bagel, 4408 W. Main St.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters, 3501 Covington Road

Book Bug, 3019 Oakland Dr.

Boonzaijer's Bakery, 126 Cork St.

Bounceland, 6255 Technology Ave.

Branch Gymnastics, 6712 Financial Way

Bronson Athletic Club, 6789 Elm Valley Dr.

Bronson Hospital, 601 John St.

Cafe Casa, 128 S Kalamazoo Mall 

Candlewood Suites, 3443 Retail Place

Center for Change and Growth, 3315 Greenleaf Blvd.

Centre City Taphouse, 359 S Kalamazoo Mall #103

Chenery Auditorium, 714 S Westnedge Ave.

Child Development Center, 110 W Cork St.

Civic Theatre, 329 S Park St.

Clarion, 3640 E. Cork St.

Coexist Cafe, 2901 Howard Road

Cold Stone Creamery, 4540 W Main St.

Cole Nissan, 3003 Stadium Dr.

Comstock Comm. Learning Center, 1046 River St.

Confections with Conviction, 116 W. Crosstown Pkwy.

Courtyard by Mariott, 400 Trade Centre Way

Crescendo Academy, 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall

DeNooyer, 5800 Stadium Dr.

Discovery Center, 4102 W KL Ave.

Discover Kalamazoo, 141 E. Michigan

East Egg, 2841 Portage St.

Elina, 4205 S Westnedge Ave.

Epic Center, 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall

Erbelli’s Restaurant, 6210 Stadium

Fairfield Inn West, 6420 Cracker Barrel Bouleva Road

Family & Children Services, 1608 Lake St.

Farm and GaRoaden, 1003 Staples Ave.

Farmers Alley Theatre, 221 Farmers Alley

Fetzer Center @ WMU, 2350 Business Ct.

Fido Cafe, 1415 Fulford St.

Food Dance, 401 E Michigan Ave.

Four Points by Sheraton, 3600 E. Cork St.

Fourth Coast Café and Bakery, 816 S Westnedge Ave.  

Friendship Village, 1400 N. Drake Road

Fuze Kitchen and Bar, 214 E. Michigan Ave.

Girl Scouts, 601 W Maple St.

Hampton Inn & Suites, 5059 South 9th St.

Heilmans Nuts, 1804 S Westnedge Ave.

Henderson Castle, 100 Monroe St.

Holiday Inn Express, 3630 E. Cork St.

Holiday Inn West-Kalamazoo, 2747 South 11th Street

Honore, 146 S. Kalamazoo Mall

Hospice Care offices, 222 N. Kalamazoo Mall

Hospital Hospitality House, 527 W. South St.

Kalamazoo County Department of Health and Human Services, 322 E Stockbridge Ave.

Irvings Market, 125 S Kalamazoo Mall

Kalamazoo Community Foundation, 402 E Michigan Ave.

Kalamazoo Athletic Club, 100 W Michigan Ave.

Kalamazoo City Managers office, 241 W. South St.

Kalamazoo Nature Center, 7000 N Westnedge Ave.

Kalamazoo Public Library – Washington Square, 1244 Portage St.

Kalamazoo Public Library — Central Library, 315 S Rose St.

Kalamazoo Public Library — Eastwood, 1112 Gayle Ave.

Kalamazoo Public Library — Powell,1000 West Paterson St.

Kalamazoo Public Schools, 1220 Howard St.

KalamazooKitty, 4217 Portage Road

Kazoo Books, 2413 Parkview Ave.

Kazoo School, 1401 Cherry St. 

KIA Art School, 314 S Park St.

KRESA, 4606 Croyden Ave.

Kzoo Swift, 1305 S Westnedge Ave.  

Langeland Family Funeral Homes, 3926 South 9th St.

Langeland Funeral Home, 622 S. BuRoadick St.

Let's Swirl, 5021 W Main St.

Little Sprouts, 3009 Oakland Dr.

MacKenzies Bakery, 527 Harrison St.

MacKenzies Café and Bakery, 4426 W Main St.

Main St. Pub, 4514 W Main St.

Marriott Residence Inn, 1500 E. Kilgore Road

Martells, 3501 Greenleaf Blvd.

Massage Green Spa, 4412 Stadium Dr.

Mercantile (Keystone) Bank, 107 W. Michigan Ave.

Mercantile Bank, 2925 Oakland Dr.

Michigan News Agency, 308 W Michigan Ave.  

Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham, 5597 South 9th St.

Milan Salon, 217 S. Kalamazoo Mall

Miller Auditorium, 2200 Auditorium Dr.

Natural Health Center, 4610 W Main St.

Nature Connection, 359 S Kalamazoo Mall

Nature's Way Preschool, 4442 Oakland Dr.

Nina's Cafe, 1710 W. Main St.

Northeastern Elementary, 2433 Gertrude St.  

Oakwood Bistro, 3003 Oakland Dr.

Old Dog Tavern, 402 E Kalamazoo Ave.

Oppenheimer (Judy), 555 W. Crosstown Parkway

Orrin B. Hayes, 543 W. Michigan Ave.

Parchment Public Library, 401 S Riverview Dr.

Park Club, 219 W. South St.

Park Trades Center, 326 W. Michigan Ave.

Parks and Rec, 251 Mills St.

Parkview Hills Clubhouse, 3707 Greenleaf Circle

Pedal Bikes, 611 W Michigan Ave.

Peoples Food Co-Op, 507 Harrison St.

Pine Rest Kalamazoo Clinic, 1530 Nichols Road

Prevention Works, 611 Whitcomb St.

Remax, 1517 S. Park St.

Retro, 1301 S. Westnedge Ave.

Rykses, 5924 Stadium Dr.

University Roadhouse, 1332 W Michigan Ave.  

Saffron, 1710 W. Main St.

Sarkozy Bakery, 350 E Michigan Ave.  

Sawall Health Foods, 2965 Oakland Dr.

Seelye, 3820 Stadium Dr.

Siegfried Crandall, 246 E. Kilgore Road

South Street Cigars, 250 S. Kalamazoo Mall

Spirit of Kalamazoo, 154 Kalamazoo Mall

Sticks and Stones, 124 S. Kalamazoo Mall

Studio Grill, 312 W. Michigan Ave.

Sweetwater Donuts East, 2138 S Sprinkle Road

Sweetwater Donuts West, 3333 Stadium Dr.

Taste of Heaven Concoctions, 4502 W Main St.

The Fountains at Bronson Place, 1700 Bronson Way

Totally Brewed, 151 S. Rose St.

Town Place Marriott, 5683 S. 9th St.

Treat Street, 3023 Oakland Dr.

Union Grill, 125 S. Kalamazoo Mall

Unity Church, 1204 Whites Road

VanderSalms Flowers, 1120 S. BuRoadick St.

Victorian Bakery, 116 W. Crosstown Pkwy.

Waldo Library, 1903 W Michigan Ave.

Walnut Park Coffee, 322 Walnut St.

West Hills Athletic Club, 2001 S 11th Ave

West Michigan Cancer Center, 200 N. Park St.

Wyndham Place, 2300 Portage St.

YMCA - Maple St., 1001 W. Maple St.

YMCA, 353 E Michigan Ave.

Zoo City, 4328 S Westnedge Ave.

Zooroona, 1710 W. Main St.


Air Zoo, 6151 Portage Road

Airway Lanes, 5626 Portage Road

Alfieri Jewelers, 6033 S. Westnedge Ave.

Berkshire Hathaway, 5839 Oakland Dr.

Biggby Coffee, 6800 S. Westnedge Ave.  

Child Care Resources, 268 E Kilgore Road

Chocolatea, 7642 S Westnedge Ave.

Jaqua Realtors, 414 W Milham Ave.

Cole Buick, 6600 S. Westnedge Ave.

Courthouse Athletic Center Inc, 7365 S Sprinkle Road.

Creekside Biz Ctr - Midwest Rlty, 8175 Creekside Dr.

Curves, 600 Romence Road

D&W Fresh Market, 525 Romence Road

Earth Fare, 5070 S. Westnedge

Erbelli Restaurant, 8342 Portage Road

Family Center For the Arts, 6136 S. Westnedge Ave.

Fieldstone Grill, 3970 E. Centre Ave

Full City Cafe (E), 7878 Oakland Dr.

Gift Loft, 653 Romence Road

Gilden Woods Daycare, 1518 E Centre Ave.

Grand Traverse Pie Company, 5303 S Westnedge Ave.

Hospice Oakland Center, 2255 W. Centre Ave.

Intentional Yoga, 6800 S. Westnedge Ave.

Jungle Joes, 7255 South Sprinkle Road.

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport, 5200 Portage Road

Kids Gym, 9027 Portage Industrial Dr.

Kingdom Sports, 8151 Merchant Pl

Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency, 1819 E Milham Ave

Lake Michigan Credit Union, 4084 W. Centre Ave.

Langeland Funeral Home, 411 E. Centre Ave.

Latitude 42, 7842 Portage Road

LaZBoy Showroom, 500 Romence Road

Lee's Adventure Sports, 311 W Kilgore Road

Little Chick Shoes, 229 W Kilgore Road

MacKenzies Bakery, 7083 S. Westnedge

Main St. Pub, 7509 S. Westnedge

Marshall Music, 951 Mall Dr.

Mercantile Bank, 3970 W Centre Ave.

Moxie Salon & Spa, 640 Romence Road

Once Upon a Child, 643 Romence Road

Otis Montessori, 810 E Centre Ave.

Pedal Bicycles, 185 Romence Road

Pine Rest Portage Clinic, 1350 W. Centre Ave.

Portage District Library, 300 Library Ln.

Portage Public Schools, 8107 Mustang Dr.

Portage Senior Center, 320 Library Ln. 

Sky Zone, 5103 Portage Road

SLD Read, 5250 Lovers Ln.

Soccer Zone, 7187 S. Sprinkle Road

Stryker Corporate Office, 2825 Airview Blvd.

Tot to Teen Village, 229 W Kilgore Road

Trestlewood Pediatrics, 5082 Lovers Lane

Wild Ginger, 639 Romence Road

YMCA - Portage, 2900 W Centre Ave.

YOPA Frozen Yogurt, 165 W Centre Ave.


Antwerp Sunshine Branch Library, 24823 Front Street

Bronson Lakeview Family Care, 52375 North Main Street

Chinn Chinn Asian, 52885 North Main Street

East Egg, 52887 N Main St.

Java Joint, 23890 City Center Cir.

Main St Pub, 52887 N Main St.

Medicine Tree Pharmacy, 56109 Village Center Cir.

Samuel Mancino's Eatery, 52360 N Main St.


Kalamazoo Public Library — Oshtemo, 7265 W Main St.

Lake Michigan Credit Union, 487 S. Drake Road

Lake Michigan Credit Union, 6170 W. Main St.

KalamazooKitty, 6883 W. Main St.

Maple Hill Auto Group, 5622 W Main St.

Starbucks, 5370 W Main St.

Jaqua Realtors, 221 S. Drake Road

Westside Medical Center, 6565 West Main St.

Hospice Rose Arbor Facility, 5473 Croyden Ave.


Four Roses Cafe, 663 10th St.

Mezzo Coffee House, 100 W Allegan St.

Otsego Public Library, 401 Dix St.

Plainwell Public Library, 180 S Sherwood Ave.

Richland Area:

East Egg, 8860 N 32nd St.

Lake Michigan Credit Union, 3326 Gull Road

Richland Area Community Center, 9400 East C D Ave.

Serafino’s, 8004 N 32nd St.

Sherman Lake YMCA, 6225 N 39th St.


Lake Michigan Credit Union, 106 Grand St.

Vandenberg Furniture, 12000 North U.S. 131

Texas Corners:

Dave's Glass, 7035 W Q Ave.

Fletchers Pub, 7177 West Q Ave.

Texas Corners Brewing Company, 6970 Texas Drive  

The Cheese Lady, 7035 W Q Ave.

Wedels, 5020 Texas Drive

Zebs, 7990 S 8th St.

* As of May 2017

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